THRIVE. It’s whatpremium brands do.

They grow. They spread. They prosper. They fill up their original space and spill over into other areas, enjoying ever-greater sales and success. Warren Douglas has the premium tools and expertise to make brands THRIVE.

Premium Brand Index

The Premium Brand Index is a unique process designed to help the agency and our clients think laterally about a brand and its consumers. We utilize measured data on more than 6,000 brands and their consumers across hundreds of categories. Applying a proprietary methodology to analyze the data, we can begin to define a relationship between consumers' attitudes, values and behaviors, and the brands they ultimately select. The end result is a new perspective on your brand's appeal to consumers, and a new window into brand-building possibilities.

  • Propensity Score
  • Correspondents

Strategy Wheel

So what's our strategic secret? We've developed a disciplined approach that we affectionately call "The Strategy Wheel." It's a revealing process that generates novel ideas and helps clients objectively prioritize the long wish list of marketing strategies and tactics that get considered. The result is a concrete deliverable that articulates the brand's destination and illustrates how Warren Douglas will help you get there. "The Wheel" can make a measurable difference in the results your marketing efforts achieve.

  • 0-40 Objective
  • 40-60 Goals
  • 60-80 Strategies
  • 80-100 Tactics

Digital Thrive Index

The Digital Thrive Index measures a brand’s digital presence and health. We pull the most relevant and reliable metrics, perform some deep Ph.D. level analysis, and produce an index that measures your performance in terms of web presence, search optimization and social mention. Then we can compare this index with your competition, and see how you are trending over time.

Traffic Catalyst

The point that an online consumer clicks to “find a nearby location” can provide tremendous insight regarding the consumer, and the provider they’re seeking. Traffic Catalyst is provided out of the cloud, and includes customization and ongoing data management and reporting. Traffic Catalyst arms you with the information you need regarding where your customers are, what they are looking for, and whom they are preparing to visit.